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Imagine lounging in your favorite room, bathed in the tranquil glow of a starry night or the vibrant rays of the morning sun. Skylights are not just architectural features; they are the gateways to the sky, capturing the dynamic beauty of the heavens and bringing it right into your living space.

Step into a world where your home’s ambiance is redefined by the elegance and warmth of natural light.

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Our Services

Skylights Installation

Skylights Installation

When it comes to skylights installation, we set the bar high with our seasoned professionals, providing optimum service to our clients all over Milford, Massachusetts.

Skylights are an important addition to your abode as they enhance the natural lighting while saving energy.

Skylights Repair
Skylights Repair

Even the most carefully installed skylights may sometimes need repair due to harsh weather, damage, or even regular wear and tear.

We’re equipped to deal with all kinds of skylight repairs, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your roof.

Skylights Maintenance
Skylights Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your skylights is vital to their longevity and optimal function.

Illuminate Your Home With Our Skylights!

Add an impressive touch to your Massachusetts property with a transformative skylight. Ready for a change? Fill out the form!

The Values That Drive Us


We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


We adhere to high standards and quality in our skylight roof services, ensuring installations stand the test of time.


We believe that safety should never be compromised. We strictly implement safety measures during our installation, repair, and maintenance services.

We’re The Company You Can Trust

Experience You Can Rely On

With years of experience in the roofing industry, our team of professionals carries out every skylight installation, skylight repair, and skylight maintenance task with utmost precision and dedication. When it comes to safe and reliable skylights on roofs, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Excellence in Craftsmanship

Never settle for less when it comes to the quality of workmanship. Our experts not only ensure skylight installation that aligns with your aesthetic preferences but also promise durable and high-performing skylight fixtures on your roof.

Competitive Pricing

We offer our top-notch services at the most competitive prices in the market. With Hocol Remodeling, you get the best value for your investment in skylight roofs without compromising on quality and service.

Commitment to Safety

At Hocol Remodeling, we understand the risks associated with skylight installation and are committed to maintaining impeccable safety standards. Our team is trained in safe practices and we emphasize on ensuring the safety of our workers as well as your property.

Unmatched Customer Service

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our team is always ready to answer your queries and guide you throughout the process. We promise a seamless experience from the initial consultation to skylight installation.

Our Process

We put our customers first with a simple, seamless, and professional 5-step process.

Step 1
residential roofer


Our dedicated team will connect with you to discuss your specific needs and concerns regarding your skylights project. Whether it’s installation of new skylights in the roof, repairing existing skylights, or maintaining your skylights on the roof, we will provide you with understandable and pertinent information to assist in decision-making.

Step 2
residential roofer

Site Assessment

We then conduct a detailed inspection of your property, assessing the overall condition of your roof and determining the best strategies for executing your skylights installation or repair project while maintaining optimal roof stability and enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Step 3
residential roofer

Detailed Proposal

After the site assessment and taking into account your desired needs, our team will craft a comprehensive proposal. This includes an outline of the work to be completed, a detailed breakdown of costs, and a tentative timeline for completion.

Step 4
residential roofer


Once you approve the proposal, our skilled team will start working on your project, adhering to your schedule and maintaining clean, safe work conditions. We ensure reliable and efficient execution of all skylights roof installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Step 5
residential roofer

Review and Completion

After completing the job, we will walk you through the completed project, making sure all your expectations are met, and answering any final questions you may have. We only consider our work done when you are entirely satisfied.


What is a skylight installation?

Skylight installation refers to the process of installing a window in the roof or on the ceiling of your home to allow natural light to enter.

Hocol Remodeling makes this possible in Milford, Massachusetts, by providing skylights on roofs that are aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

Why should I consider a skylights installation?

Investing in skylights installation enhances the beauty of your home, increases the amount of natural light, contributes to energy efficiency, and offers better ventilation.

Are skylights on roofs energy efficient?

Absolutely. Skylights on roofs reduce dependency on artificial lighting, thereby yielding energy savings.

How long does the skylights installation take?

The duration of a skylights installation depends on the complexity of your roof design and the number of skylights you want to install. Contact us for a detailed timeline.

Is my roof too steep or too flat for a skylight?

No roof is too steep or too flat for Hocol Remodeling’s expertise. We install skylights on a variety of roof slopes or pitches.

What is the best location for my skylight?

The best location for your skylight is determined based on your home’s design and your requirements of light and heat. Our team will provide advice tailored to your property to ensure optimal benefits from your skylight installation.

Can you install a skylight on an existing roof?

Yes. We offer skylights roof installation services, whether it’s a brand new house or an existing property. Our team has the skills and experience to ensure seamless integration with your existing roof.

What brands of skylights do you use?

Hocol Remodeling is unbiased when it comes to choosing brands. We use only the highest quality materials from renowned brands that align with our commitment to reliability and professionalism.


Illuminate Your Home With Our Skylight Installation!

Add an impressive touch to your Massachusetts property with a transformative skylight. Ready for a change? Fill out the form!