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Based in Milford, Massachusetts, we specialize in adding aesthetic appeal and functional advantages to your homes. 

As your trusted partner, we are committed to leveraging our expertise in siding solutions to exceed your expectations.

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Siding Installation

Siding Installation

We leverage our deep understanding of the diverse needs of our customers in Milford and the surrounding areas and provide you with the suitable siding for your house.

Whether your house is detached, semi-detached, or any other type of residential property, we guarantee excellent siding installation that will exceed your expectations.

Siding Maintenance
Siding Maintenance

We carry out consistent inspections and cleanup, to ensure your siding remains in perfect condition.

Our preventative maintenance is sure to keep your home looking beautiful and prevent possible costly repairs.

Siding Repair
Siding Repair

We carry out consistent inspections and cleanup, to ensure your siding remains in perfect condition. Our preventative maintenance is sure to keep your home looking beautiful and prevent possible costly repairs. Our professional repair team is always on standby to provide you with prompt and efficient repairs.

Whether the damage is a result of a natural disaster or the effects of time, our expert team will restore the sidings of your house, ensuring its durability and aesthetic value.

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Our Commitment to You


We've spent years building a company that consistently delivers on its promise. Our long-standing track record in delivering superior siding on houses assures you that we're a brand you can trust.


Our highly trained and certified professionals provide the quality service you deserve in each project. From siding inspection to repair and replacement, our skilled craftsmen implement the highest standards of professionalism.

Trustworthiness & Responsibility

We make it our duty to fully comprehend your needs and deliver on our commitments. Our honest and transparent communication fosters trust with all our clients.


Our dedication to consistency and dependability separates us from the rest, ensuring that we complete all projects without delay and within budget.

Why Choose Hocol Remodeling?

Choosing the Right Contractor Matters

When it comes to siding your house, the quality of the contractor is as important as the materials used. Our team members are experienced professionals, trained to handle jobs of all sizes and complexities. Their standards of workmanship and attention to detail ensure that your siding project will be handled with the utmost care.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness is our priority. We won't stop until you're 100% satisfied with our work. From the moment we undertake your siding project to its final culmination, our team is committed to ensuring your experience is nothing short of perfect.

Variety of Siding Options

Every home is unique, and so are your requirements. This is why we offer a wide range of siding options for your home, including vinyl siding, SmartSide, and Hardie Board. Our team of experts will guide you in choosing the one that will best suit your home's aesthetics and needs.

Quality You Can Trust

We understand the need for sturdy, weather-resistant, and visually appealing siding for houses. We only use top-quality materials that guarantee the durability and longevity of your home's siding. Rest assured, with Hocol Remodeling, your home is in safe hands.

Experience the Hocol Difference

With our rigorous adherence to standards, professional and courteous team, and commitment to client satisfaction, we ensure each siding project completes with precision, quality, and customer delight. Let Hocol Remodeling translate your siding vision into reality; we're the siding service you can trust.

Our Top-Notch Process

Step 1
residential roofer

Initial Contact

We’ll kick off our relationship with you by setting up a meeting to discuss your needs, including inspecting your current siding, assessing its condition, and determining the necessity of repairs or replacements.

Step 2
residential roofer

Siding Selection

We offer a range of siding including vinyl siding, Smartside, and Hardie Board. We’ll work with you to select the best siding type to match the architectural style and aesthetic of your home, as well as your budget.

Step 3
residential roofer

Custom Proposal

Once the type of siding for your home has been chosen, we’ll provide a detailed proposal that contains all costs and timelines relating to the siding replacement or repair. We maintain transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

Step 4
residential roofer


Our team of experts will then get to work, following best practices while finishing the task with utmost care and precision. We ensure minimal disruption to your daily lives as we carry out the siding process.

Step 5
residential roofer


Our responsibility doesn’t end with just siding your house. We provide ongoing maintenance and annual siding inspections to ensure that your siding remains in excellent condition and continues to serve its purpose.

FAQs: Everything you need to know on Siding Services!

What is siding for homes?

A siding is a protective material attached to the exterior of a house. It serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, protecting your home from external elements, while enhancing its curb appeal. Hocol Remodeling provides an array of siding options designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners in Milford, Massachusetts.

How important is siding a house?

Siding a house is a critical home improvement project. It not only adds to the aesthetic value and resale worth of your property, but it also acts as a line of defense against the elements. The right type of siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency, saving you a significant amount in heating and cooling costs.

What options are there for siding for my house?

There are plenty of options to choose from when considering siding for your house. We offer a wide range of choices which include vinyl siding, fiber-cement siding, stucco, metal siding, and wooden siding. Each of these options has its own advantages and can be customized to meet your aesthetic and cooling or heating preferences.

What factors should I consider when deciding on siding for my house?

When deciding on the right siding for your house, consider factors such as your budget, the climate in your area, your preferred style, and the maintenance required. Our team at Hocol Remodeling will help you navigate these factors to choose the best siding option for your needs.

How long does it take to install siding on a house?

The timeline for installing siding on a house will depend on the size of your house, the type of siding you choose, and weather conditions. That said, our team at Hocol Remodeling has a proven track record of completing siding projects in a timely and efficient manner without compromising on quality.

Is there upkeep involved in siding houses?

The level of maintenance for siding houses depends greatly on the type of siding you choose. Some materials are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, while others may need regular upkeep. Rest assured, we will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.


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